Keyword Ranking

Keyword Ranking

Lime clicks Keyword Ranking gives you precise rankings of your site on Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, and so forth. The rankings can be followed across numerous geologies including country-based outcomes and stacked with other extra highlights such as keyword ranking position history, advanced rank tracking algorithms, keyword ranking update frequency or prevalence and keyword ranking alerts. and much more.

Comprehensive Ranking Data

100+ Countries With All Major Languages

Observe your site’s search engine rankings in over 100+ countries covering all major languages Such as English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Russia.

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Google Maps
  • Seznam
  • Google Mobile
  • Naver
  • Bing Naver
  • Mobile
  • Baidu
  • Yandex
  • Baidu Mobile

Daily Keyword Ranking

Scrutinize the achievement of your domain according to the keywords, with the help of Keyword Ranking information on a daily premise through the program.

Keyword Ranking Position History

We maintain the ranking history of the keyword over the live spam. (starting from the keyword was added) ranking Scrutinize the efficiency of your keyword with Keyword Ranking strategy over.

Advanced Rank Tracking Algorithms

Our solid and dynamic calculation controls up the exactness in our rankings. We have long stretches of comprehension of the web search tools and their conduct which mirrors our multi-reason rank following instrument. Our frameworks approach date with refreshes carried out by the web crawlers, and changes happen with immediate impact.

Desktop & Mobile Rankings

Establish which platform is driving more traffic to your website, mobile or desktop? And plan your SEO based on that specific platform.

Google Featured Snippets Tracking

Track your keywords on additional parameters including!

  • Local
  • Images
  • News
  • Advertisements
  • Videos
  • Google answers
  • Knowledge Results

Keyword Ranking Update Frequency or Prevalence

Keyword Ranking facilitates two types of Ranking updates. The user can get Ranking updates Daily or Weekly depending on the SEO need. Do not require either of them? Worry not – we can customize the rank update frequency based on your need. Just reach to our sales team with your business requirement.

Quick Perform

Keyword Ranking gives the option to “Perform” your ranking calculations to give real-time or your latest ranks at that moment.

Keyword Ranking Screenshots

Along with the keyword rankings, Keyword Ranking provides a SERP screenshot of each respective keyword search query. These screenshots are precisely how the SERP would look to any user searching your keyword.

Keywords Category & Advance Filter

Keyword Ranking data is packed with keywords segmentation based on tags. Advance filters over the Keyword Ranking data would give an eye view over those minutes data point that matters to your SEO strategies. Take full control of data by using filters over current rank, highest rank, search volume, page score, featured snippets and many more.

Keywords Ranked in Total No

Shows you the keyword rankings that are categorized in terms of their individual position in the Search Engine Result Pages.

Keyword Ranking Automated Alerts

All fluctuations in your keyword rankings are notified instantly through email alerts.

Website Statistics

Scrutinize the global presence of your website right from the dashboard panel with Google Index, Alexa Rank and Backlinks Count.

Search Volume

Keyword Ranking provides you with the country-based keywords search volume. The extensive database relates to Google Adwords and would keep you updated over the monthly updates. So, you know the potential magnitude of your keywords has during a specific period.

Webmaster Analytics

Keyword Ranking is based on Additional analysis:

  • CTR (Click-through-rate)
  • Clicks
  • Impressions