Visitor Recordings

Visitor Recordings

See what your clients see – Eliminate mystery with Recordings of genuine guest conduct on your site. By seeing your guest’s snaps, taps and mouse developments you can recognize the ease of use issues on the fly and issues they experience.

Replay sessions of real site visitors

Session recordings (or Session recordings replays) are probably the best instrument in your UX tool kit when you need to perceive how individuals truly explore through your site and gather the knowledge you need to fix the client encounter and improve transformations.


Easily filter your Recordings

You may have hundreds or thousands of Recordings that you’ll need to rapidly look through. Filters let you rapidly search through your Recordings, giving you a rundown of those that match the Filters you pick.

For instance, you may just be keen on individuals who visited your sign-up page however neglected to join, in the previous 7 days. To see these visits you can click +Add Filter, and select the applicable channels.



Multi-Device Support

Various devices are electronical gadgets to gauge and display data, information, and multimedia content.

Portray which platform is driving more traffic to your website, mobile or desktop?

All our features track and work on desktop, mobile and tablet versions of your website. So, then plan your SEO based on that particular platform.


Suppress keystrokes and text

Session recordings will track keystroke data (information typed by users) in limited cases if you allow specific fields. By default, reliable session recording tools like Limeclicks automatically anonymize personally identifiable information (like the data a user would input in a credit card field) and have features in place that help you suppress specific elements.

Tag Recordings (upcoming)

Tagging your Recordings allows you to note specific actions, like CTA clicks, sign-ups, or visitor states. Once Recordings have been tagged, you can then filter by tag in your Recordings dashboard.

Share Recordings with anyone (upcoming)

Recordings are easy to share, straightforward to watch and provide evidence for getting people on board before making design decisions and optimizations.
Whether you’re a UX designer, CRO specialist, or marketer, user session recordings will help you make data-driven decisions and showcase your work’s effectiveness to people across teams.

Recording page

Visited URL See Recordings that include a specific page – and jump to that page in the Recording straight away!
For example, you have identified an issue with a specific page and you want to focus your attention on it; you want to watch how users get to and navigate away from the page during a larger journey.
Visited URL Recordings where the visitor left the site on a specific page.

For example, you have a valuable page and want to understand if and why people leave the site from it.

Exit URL Recordings where the visitor entered the site on a specific page.

For example, you use ads to direct traffic to a page and you want to see where people go after it.

Country You can what contrary and city and location user came from.

For example, you want to see if visitors from a specific country have difficulties understanding your website.

Session Duration Review Recordings where visitors spent a specific amount of time on your website.

if you want to compare the journeys of visitors who leave after 10 seconds vs. those who spend more than 5 minutes and investigate what makes the former leave and the latter stay.

Page Count Review Recordings where visitors accessed a set number of pages. you can compare the journeys of visitors who only see 1-2-3 pages vs. those who navigate to more than 5-6-7 pages.Multiple device types can be included in the filter from a checklist: Desktops, Tablets, Phones
Device Multiple device types can be included in the filter from a checklist: Desktops, Tablets, Phones.
Browser Multiple browsers can be included in the filter from a checklist: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari.
Operating System Review Recordings where visitors use a specific operating system or systems.

Multiple operating systems can be included in the filter from a checklist: Windows, macOS, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS.

you can detect differences between experiences on Windows and Mac